1. Thank you Jonah Kessel for this video piece: https://vimeo.com/108704415

  2. There are so many people I need to thank for this award, including mentors, teachers, editors, family, close friends and other loved ones over the years, near and far; too many to list here! 
    They include Susan Meiselas Fred Ritchin Ed Kashi Marcus Bleasdale VII Photo Agency Magnum Foundation Alvin Tan Chan Tse Chueen Siok Hui SieJoyce Fang Stephanie Yeow Mrs Julie Lee, Ms Rosalind Heng, James EstrinIan Johnson Susan Long Cherian George Alan John Emma Raynes

    Deep thanks for all the congratulations and greetings too!

    I spoke a little about the woman photographer who inspires me here: 


    Pictures by Joyce Fang

  3. Twins! My dad (right) and his older brother are often taken for one another, with students running after my uncle in public calling out “teacher Sim”— thinking he’s my dad who taught at a secondary school till retirement. #family #roots #singapore

  4. Hello Ah Ma/奶奶/Grandma, it’s been a while. I wanted to come see you before flying off. I hope you are well. I have been to see 爷爷/grandpa where he is buried in our ancestral village in east Guangdong twice this year; I brought him Hakka wine and an iPhone 6 for him to take pictures with.
    I remember you had dementia by the time I was in my early teens and I regret not being able to ask you about the past.
    Over breakfast this morning, gugu/姑姑/aunt told me how you seemed to have remained heartbroken through your life, after 爷爷 was executed by the nationalist KMT as a Chinese Communist guerrilla army cadre in July 1949 back in China — when you were just 35, leaving you to raise 5 children almost single-handedly. You never remarried and despite traveling quite widely in the later part of your life, never went to mainland China or Taiwan.
    I also learnt today that in the 1950s you told my father and his siblings they were not allowed to go to Taiwan for university studies, even if that was the cheapest option those days — because “Taiwan is our enemy” for the KMT killing your husband.
    This December, I will take dad to Taiwan, for the first time in his life.
    I hope you are at peace now.
    Till next time, take care, Ah Ma.
    cy #penang #malaysia #family #roots

  5. "My one is bigger than your one." Aka "mine is bigger than yours." Modernity and tradition. #satellite dish #well #Indonesia #iphoneonly #onassignment #everydayasia @viiphoto

  6. Hoops. Rural #Indonesia #everydayasia #onassignment #iphoneonly @viiphoto

  7. VII talks @Pingyao Photo Festival today and tomorrow! 

    If you’re at Pingyao Photo Festival - China’s largest and oldest photo festival, come along to the talk on @VIIPhoto Agency I will give Saturday 20 Sept morning 9am at D3 meeting room of the Diesel Factory. 

    And on Sunday 21 Sept 9.50am, I will impersonate @edkashi to give a floor talk on his exhibition of three bodies of work from Syria, Nicaragua and Nigeria. 

  8. published this weekend: portrait for TIME on Zheng Yanliang, the farmer who amputated his own leg, a vignette on China’s healthcare. Story by Emily Rauhala. With thanks to Michelle Molloy! 

  9. “I stand against the death penalty because….. life itself can be unforgiving enough.”

    A photo blend made on my iPhone of my profile and an old photo found of my paternal grandfather Shen Huansheng, who was executed during the Chinese civil war by the rival Kuomintang in July 1949 in east Guangdong, China, for his role as propaganda cadre in a Chinese Communist Party guerilla army unit. He was shot in a mass execution after being imprisoned as the Kuomintang soldiers killed their prisoners while retreating towards Taiwan.
    It looks like a prison photo bearing a name and date, possibly his prison photo from Malaya where he had been imprisoned by the British for leftist activities in the late 1940s, before he chose to be deported to China and then joined the Chinese Communist guerillas in the mountains near our ancestral village of Gaoshang, Taoyao, in Meixian, east Guangdong in southern China.
    He was killed at age 38, just a couple of years older than I am now, leaving behind his young wife and five children in Malaya. To our knowledge, he did not get to leave any final words. @chiyin_sim / Sim Chi Yin / VII
    #FinalWords #nodeathpenalty

    Final Words has launched a #SelfieAgainstDeathPenalty campaign@marcasnin

    To find out more: http://final-words.org/selfie-campaign/
    #FinalWords #nodeathpenalty @viiphoto @marcasnin

  10. Just lookin. Downtown #Paris. Close to the #Champs-Élysées; just a block from #Piasa auction house which has four of my Burma prints to go on the block. #travel #iphoneonly @viiphoto

  11. After a hectic week at @visapourlimage — where it’s been great to catch up with old friends and make new ones, and to look at and think about reportage photography — I finally made it to the seaside to chill out for a bit. Watched this window washer from Quebec who is traveling through Europe practise her fire-throwing/swirling moves on the beach.
    Got a ride back to #Perpignan with a middle-aged Swedish woman who lives here and had attended some of the first sessions of #Visa Pour L’image when it started 26 years ago. She no longer attends the festival, she says. “I see all these pictures of war, conflict, famine, protest around the world shot by photojournalists and then we go and have a drink and nice meal afterwards. “I can’t look at those pictures anymore; I feel I can’t do anything. It’s good the world becomes aware of the problems around the world. But after the pictures are shown here and then what?” #photojournalism #iphoneonly With @arthurbondar @yushkooksana. @viiphoto

  12. In #Perpignan for the annual major reportage photography festival @visapourlimage. Speaking on a panel on photojournalism in the digital age and my personal project on Chinese gold miners fighting silicosis will be in a projection. Come say hello if you are close by! @viiphoto

  13. In transit. #Sheremetyevo airport, #Moscow. Flying #Aeroflot (gasp!) to Barcelona for Visa Pour L’image festival, Perpignan. Cheapest flight this freelancer could find! @viiphoto

  14. my 2011 book on Indonesian domestic workers now available through theVII Photo Agency bookstore! 


  15. A big thank you to all who came to the #Magnumfoundation talk we gave last night at InterGallery, 798 Arts District, Beijing. It was standing room-only and we had a engaging discussion about documentary photography and the Magnum Foundation fellowship. Thank you Na Risong and InterGallery for hosting us and Robert Pledge for being a special guest. Thanks and stay in touch! Picture by @_douxiao “#magnum #magnumfoundation” via @PhotoRepost_app